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DJ Beezie is a Florida based DJ and Producer fully immersed in the EDM Community and always ready and excited to share his 20+ years experience and passion in the music industry with these types of communities all over the world.

DJ Beezie’s love of music started at a young age. Coming from a musical family where his father and brother were both musicians; Beezie was constantly surrounded by eclectic styles of music ranging from Motown legends like Earth, Wind, and Fire and Marvin Gaye to such cultural iconic metal and pop bands like Iron Maiden and Duran Duran. From there, Beezie forged his own taste in his adolescence and began listening to all styles of music ranging from The Beastie Boys to Metallica.

Once Beezie experienced electronic music, his whole perspective changed. Bands like the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk created a new obsession and passion within him. His fascination with all the different styles of EDM grew and he found himself fully immersed and inspired. When he began DJing in the early 2000’s, dance music became his outlet to create art with his music selections by telling a story and expressing himself through music.

As stated before, Beezie has a deep affection for all genres of EDM. However, he resonates deeply with the Florida Breakbeats genre. He appreciates its funky style, deep basslines, and overall fun the music creates on the dancefloor that causes people to move their bodies involuntarily. Beezie has learned to harness this power to create unforgettable dance parties throughout the state of Florida and beyond.

Beezie has had the privilege to perform alongside many talented artists such as DJ Magic Mike, Stanton Warriors, AK 1200, DJ Icey, Deekline, Gumbee, and many other world-renowned producers and performers. Beezie is also an active participant in the Burning Man Community, a Co-Creator in the Florida chapter of the Earthdance Global peace gathering, and most recently Beezie was added to the artist roster at Theoryon Records. Stay tuned for original content, as Beezie will be releasing his own creations near the close of 2022!



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